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Beeswax is naturally antibacterial. It creates a natural barrier which protects your skin from the environment.


Don't be afraid to get out and live the active lifestyle.


Be confident knowing wherever you go, whatever you do, your skin is protected and nourished.


"I got mine yesterday!  Love them!!  So far my lips have not broken out like they do with all the store bought junk.  Thank you so much!!

Christina B.

"Love this hand/body balm!!! Great on my chapped hands.  So glad I tried this!!! #madeinUSA"

@katvaughn3 (Instagram)

"My first and definitely not my last purchase from bears beeswax.   This is awesome hand/body balm.  Big thank you to bearsbeeswax.  #southdakota #beeswax #byebyedryskin"

@brhoney316 (Instagram)

"I started using this a week or so ago and it has really helped my hands and my nail beds are not dry, their soft and my skin is better by far."

Doris E.

Many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory products dry out your skin. Bears Beeswax use natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin.

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The Perfect Oil!

The Perfect Oil!

Quality eco-friendly ingredients are important to the creators of Bear’s Beeswax LLC.  “In order for us to provide high-quality products, we must ...
3 Important Benefits of Beeswax in Skin Care Products

3 Important Benefits of Beeswax in Skin Care Products

Top Three Reasons to Select a Skin Care Product with 100% Pure Beeswax.

  1. Beeswax Locks in Moisture.  Beeswax locks in moisture, while allowing the skin to breathe.  It gives skin care products a long lasting effect because it creates a barrier between the harsh elements of the environment and the skin. 
Why Do Bees Make Beeswax?

Why Do Bees Make Beeswax?

Why do bees make beeswax?  

Within the walls of the beehive, bees store honey and pollen (a protein source of food for the bees).  They also use the beeswax as a nursery for their young, and to seal their hives from water damage and other potential threats.


Bears Beeswax is an Official Sponsor of the 2020 Huntsman World Senior Games, and Supports Local USA Beekeepers.