4 Benefits of Beeswax in Skin Care Products

Published by M. Shipley on Aug 22nd 2020

Is Beeswax Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial & Antiviral, and an Antioxident?

Sound too good to be true? It’s Not!!

Beeswax has been used for over 9000 years

Beeswax has been the base of many skin care products and salves for what seems like forever... Or at least the last 9000 plus years! Scientist found that 0ver 9,000 years ago famers, in what is now Turkey, were using beeswax. But beeswax has come a long way from just waterproofing clay pots and providing candle light.

Science behind Beeswax

In January of 2020 a research article entitled “Bee Products in Dermatology and Skin Care” was published online the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. This article discusses the many benefits that come from the beehive. While beeswax may have the smallest range of biological activities, this small range is LARGE in what it can accomplish!

Beeswax and Cell Regeneration

Over the last few years I have been amazed at the surprising results Bear’s Beeswax Products have in regards to repairing the skin. One customer’s Veterinarian was amazed when she brought in a dog after receiving late on a Friday night. Since the Vet would not be in the office until Monday morning, our customer cleaned the wound, packed it with our Bear’s Beeswax Muscle Balm and bandaged the wound. When the Vet unwound the bandages, he was expecting an infected wound. What he found was a wound that was clean and starting to heal. The Vet was amazed and immediately asked my customer what she had put on the wound.

When our customer told me this story, while I was intrigued, I was a little skeptical. But not anymore. Over the last 3 weeks I have been putting Bear’s Beeswax Muscle/Joint Formula on my ankle. I knew this product helped with my ankle pain, helping me begin a routine of walking over 2 miles a day. What I didn’t know would happen is that a wart on the pad of my index finger would finally heal.

You see, I’ve had a wart on the pad of my index finger for the last two years. I’ve frozen it, and cut it out two times, but it never would completely heal and go away. About a week after using Bear’s Beeswax Muscle/Joint Formula on my ankle, I noticed something amazing! My wart seemed to be getting smaller. After another week, it was almost completely healed. Another week and I have to look closely to notice that the wart was ever there!

I started doing research on why this might be happening. Thankfully a pharmacist friend of the family told us about the benefits of flavonoids in bee propolis. I wondered if there are flavonoids in Beeswax as well. Yes there are!!

Beeswax contains the flavonoid Chrysin.

“Beeswax has lubricating, softening activities and reduces transepidermal water loss from skin. Sterols, which are also components of intercellular space, provide these characteristics of beeswax. Squalene, 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid and flavonoids (chrysin) provide antiseptic properties to this product, and protect the skin against pathogenic microorganisms. Beeswax constitutes a protective barrier against many external factors by forming a film on the skin surface. β-carotene present in beeswax is a valuable source of vitamin A, into which it is converted. Vitamin A delays collagen degradation, stimulates mitotic division in the epidermis, thus leads to sooner regeneration of the skin after damage.”

My favorite quote from this amazing article is "Among flavonoids, the main role is played by chrysin, which relieves inflammation, has antimicrobial and regenerative effects."

Finally!! Science explains the "Why" behind the amazing experiences we were seeing with Bear' Beeswax Products. Pure Beeswax not only soften and protect the skin from the environment, but these building blocks also support regeneration of skin cells.

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