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Sweet Almond Oil is a high impact fixed oil that is becoming a valued commodity in the cosmetic and personal care industry.  Blue Diamond is just one of the newest sweet almond oil producers to enter this market.  The following three benefits are just a few of the reasons why Sweet Almond Oil is used in the cosmetic and personal care industry.

1.  Excellent Lubricant that is easily absorbed

2.  Rich in Vitamin E, which is a nutrient and antioxidant

3.  Contains Zinc, which supports collagen production

These three benefits may possibly help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as soften dry, sensitive skin.  Sweet Almond Oil also works as an under eye makeup remover.  Finding beneficial products in my kitchen that work well with my morning/evening skin care routine is always a plus.

For more information about the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil, check out Beauty Glimpses article entitled "Why using Sweet Almond Oil to Remove Makeup is a Wise Choice?"

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