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The Perfect Oil!

Quality eco-friendly ingredients are important to the creators of Bears Beeswax LLC.  In order for us to provide high-quality products, we must first start with high-quality ingredients,says Melissa Shipley, Co-Founder of Bears Beeswax, LLC.  One of Melissas favorite ingredients is a perfect oil.  It is an oil that brings balance to all Bears Beeswax recipes.

 What is this Perfect Oil?

 Melissa first learned about Meadowfoam Oil as she researched the different natural waxes used in Ski Waxes.  As she studied this oil in more depth, she soon discovered that this oil was the perfect oil for the skincare line she and her children were developing.  She quickly realized that Meadowfoam Oil, with its ability to lock in moisture and help keep an entire formula from oxidizing was a win-win!

 Why is it a Win-Win? 

  1. When Meadowfoam Oil mixes with the other ingredients in Bear’s Beeswax’s skincare formula, it reduces the oxidation period for the entire formula. Customers receive natural products that have a longer shelf-life then they would without this perfect oil.
  2. Meadowfoam Oil is similar to your own skin oils. It helps keep your complexion’s natural balance. 
  3. Meadowfoam Oil is rich in Antioxidants. It is known for it’s ability to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. 

       Picture Credit - Natural Plant Products Inc.                                                

Whether our skin is changing due to age, or it is adjusting to the changing weather, having Bear’s Beeswax products with Meadowfoam Oil helps skin maintain its soft, glowing complexion.

 Here to Stay!

 Meadowfoam’s ability to extend our formula’s shelf life is important.  “Using Quality Ingredients in our products, does mean we spend more to provide our customers with High-Quality Products that work,” says Melissa.  “Meadowfoam’s ability to extend the life of our natural products is one benefit we are proud to provide our customers.”

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