Bear's Beeswax Story


Growing up in a beekeeping family, I spent my summers working in the bee yards, building hive boxes and scraping wax pans.  It was a life of hard work and family fun.  I loved working with my older siblings ... especially when we were allowed to drive the country roads on our own.  There was always a little speed involved and a great amount of teasing.  All in good humor of course!
Because of my background in bees, I knew that 100% Pure Beeswax was a great base for skin care products.  Having a quality skin care product that would naturally hydrate and protect my skin is important to me.  I didn't like the additives that I found in the current hand/body balms and lip balms on the market, so I began searching for natural plant ingredients that would help my skin look and feel better.
As I researched I came across Meadowfoam Oil.  This amazing oil is very similar to our natural skin oils.  The combination of Meadowfoam Oil and Beeswax has become the base for all of Bear's Beeswax Products. 
When you purchase Bear's Beeswax Products, you are purchasing a product that has been hand crafted in small batches.  Because our 100% Pure Beeswax comes from trusted US Beekeepers, you are also helping to support the US Beekeeping Industry.
Please let us know how Bear's Beeswax Products work for you.  Send an honest review of our products to, and receive 30% off your next purchase.
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--Melissa Shipley
   Co-Founder, Bear's Beeswax LLC
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