The Bear's Beeswax Story

Welcome to Bear's Beeswax!

We are excited to share our story, and look forward to hearing your stories.  While our story started with one person's idea, it has been nourished and developed by listening to the ideas and encouragement of our Bear's Beeswax Family.

Melissa here -- In 2012 I decided to check off a bucket list item and run a Marathon.  A very popular trend these days, I know.

Before I started running, I researched training programs, how to maintain energy while on my long runs, and what types of clothing I would need for winter running.  I looked up marathons in my area and even ones out of my area.  I dreamed of running a marathon on the beach in Texas, hanging out with family after a marathon in Arizona, and eventually running the "Boston".  I was focused and determined.  I loved my long runs.  My body felt great .... then something changed... I began to have a nagging pain in my ankles and feet. 

Not willing to give up on the joy I felt when running, I began researching shoe styles, foot placement and running posture.  However these changes did not stop my nagging pain from becoming an unbearable pain.  I had begun taking ibuprofen before and after my runs.  In fact that was how I made it through the 2 half-marathons and handful of 10k's and 5k's that I ran during 2013 and 2014.

I needed to find something that would help reduce the inflammation that was building up in my ankles.  I knew this inflammation was my body's response to what my Doctor described as a shifting in my heal’s alignment, which he unfortunately went on to tell me he couldn't help me with.  My doctor indicated that I should stop running.

This was a very low point in my life.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to continue the running that brought me so much satisfaction.

After a few months of a sedentary lifestyle, I noticed that I still had that nagging pain in my ankles.  It was at this moment that I started to really research different anti-inflammatory products on the market.  Specifically, all natural anti-inflammatory remedies.

Overtime, I began making balms that not only helped soothe my joints and muscles, but also could be used to nourish my hands, arms, legs and even my face.

I began to share my products and ideas with others in need of muscle and joint relief.  As my friends and family members began coming back to me for more of my balms, my husband and I decided to put a name to the product and bring it to others who had a desire to Live Active.

Bears Beeswax Inc. become a reality in June of 2017.  

The last few years have been so much fun.  Of course we couldn’t stop experimenting on how to improve our products for our Bears Beeswax Family.  We have been working with several new natural ingredients, and  are excited to announce that Bears Beeswax Inc. will be launching a MUSCLE AND JOINT FORMULA infused with Broad Spectrum CBD in May of 2020!  

This New Product has had amazing test results in regards to reducing the pressure and uncomfortable feeling that inflammation causes in one’s muscles and joints.  It is also packed with rich botanicals that help soften, nourish and protect your skin.

Keep Living Active!

Lane & Melissa Shipley

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